With Raindancer you can monitor and control your irrigation on your smartphone or PC. 

Raindancer is available for every irrigation machine, old and new.

With the Raindancer module and the associated apps you have all the information at any time and any place at a glance. You can monitor and control almost all aspects of your irrigation and receive notifications of any faults via SMS text message.

You can produce reports showing irrigation usage for your pumps, hosereels, fields and even different crops.

The latest innovation is Gun Sector Control ensuring that you no longer irrigate beyond your field boundaries or waste water and energy irrigating wooded areas within the field. 100% of the water goes on 100% of the crop. 

No more wasted trips late at night to ensure machines are still working.

RST Irrigation Ltd are proud suppliers, installers & maintainers of Raindancer GPS irrigation fleet management products. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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